At Agape Farm and Retreat we take your experience with us to heart.

A unique bed and breakfast in Colorado


Our mission is to create a special place that will be appreciated by our guests as an enchanting retreat bed and breakfast in Colorado. Whether you seek a weekend getaway for a peaceful retreat from the city life, or a romantic getaway with your significant other to reconnect and rebalance, or a great Colorado vacation spot with the family, or simply a comfortable Paonia bed and breakfast to stay at while studying at SEI, you will be pleasantly wowed.

It is not about just one thing. It is about the entire experience. The North Fork Valley at large with its healing energy, scenic attractions and outdoors activities provides the background setting, and it is truly one of a kind. Paonia and Hotchkiss offer a special throwback-in-time feeling and have very likely the most diverse population in Colorado with cowboys, hippies, miners, millennials, organic farmers, ranchers, artists, retirees and alternative health providers living in harmony with nature and one another in a small and dynamic community. Local events abound and are a great attraction to the area.

Our bed and breakfast not only draws from the beauty and energy of the valley, it also offers its own unique ambiance and setting. It is a place where you can truly relax and unwind from the stresses of daily life in comfortable and natural surroundings and reconnect with mother earth.


The rooms of our Colorado bed and breakfast

We designed and built the property with the intention to provide comfort in an eco-conscious and sustainable way. Downstairs we used an R-29 insulation factor. Even on the warmest summer day, the queen size bedrooms and the common areas don’t need air-conditioning. Water heated by our ample sunlight runs through the structure. They are just a couple of the ways we’re doing our bit for the environment.

Upstairs you’ll find a 750 square foot suite with 360-degree panoramic views. It comes with it’s own wood burning stove and air conditioning for spacious comfort.

For a truly unique stay, rent our yurt. Built on a deck, it overlooks the northern clover and grass fields and has grand views of the Raggeds and the surrounding scenery. It comes with a private bath in the main building, and is adjacent to an outdoor barbeque and sink for a real unique outdoors experience.


The grounds of our Paonia farm stay

At Agape we have focused our efforts over the last few years on healing the land by providing organic and biodynamic amendments to the soil. We believe this creates a healthy and balanced eco-system, which attracts many small animals, songbirds, and bees. It is why our fields are lush and highly productive. We treat the land with respect and love, and in turn it provides a space that is safe and welcoming.

The grounds of our enchanting Paonia bed and breakfast will speak to your heart. Our 100 year-old cottonwood trees oversee a beautiful green lawn and are home to many varieties of birds. Strolling through our lush and verdant gardens, having some alone time in the many secluded sitting areas, picking your fruit from the vibrant trees or berry bushes, walking through the Pinot Gris vineyard or exploring the three-acre pine forest is always a delight.

Whilst you are in the pine forest, take advantage of its peace and rejuvenating energy to meditate, read or get creative and write a book, paint, dance or sing. Whatever you do, take time and commune with nature as you soak up the energy and presence of the beautiful towering trees. In the evening, enjoy the views of the infinite skies and stars with a glass of local wine as you ponder and appreciate the beauty of your day and look forward to the next.

Agape is truly a sanctuary.

We look forward to seeing you soon.