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Press & Testimonials

A Perfect Day in the North Fork Valley  and advance to page 6.

“The delicious cornucopia of AGAPE FARM & RETREAT’S property is a microcosm of what the North Fork Valley has to offer. Wandering among the garden, you’ll find currant bushes, gooseberries, every herb you can think of and fruit trees so laden with their bounty that their limbs bow down to the ground. Verdant rows of pinot gris grapes line the property and a three acre pine forest provides a quiet space for guests to relax and think about life.

Owners Nancy Rodriguez and her son,Nicholas Hanson, have transformed the property …

… Guests will notice that being at Agape Farm & Retreat is all about the sharing and the enjoying of life, from the stargazing on the deck of the yurt to Nancy’s colorful stories of traveling the world.”

Erin McIntyre

A Perfect Day in the North Fork Valley, The Daily Sentinel

Eco-Friendly Adventures and Unplugged Escapes Throughout Colorado

Elaine Schoch

Eco-Friendly Adventures and Unplugged Escapes Throughout Colorado, Carpe Travel

Das echte Farmleben

Tom Sundermann

Das echte Farmleben, Neue Westfälische


Retreat with a capital R – 5 stars

Come and visit Paonia they said. You’ll love the wineries they said. And they were right. But what no one told us was where to stay during our visit. My wife found Agape Farm and Retreat on a Google search along with some of the other places to stay. It took one phone call to Nancy to discuss availability and Holly was hooked. She hung up the phone and said “that’s it…we’re staying at Agape”

Every detail of the the house and grounds is well thought out and inviting. Multiple areas for guests to spread out, relax and have privacy or congregate for breakfast or just meet for a beverage. The owners hospitality and cooking is amazing and it’s obvious she has put her heart and soul into the farm and retreat. Our upstairs bedroom had a mountain view in every direction and one evening when the thunderstorms rolled through we opened the windows and were treated to a spectacular show of wind blowing through the trees and lightening and thunder (at no extra charge).

The stay soothed our souls and we will definitely be returning guests to the Agape Farm and Retreat.

Matt P. Frisco

… When we pulled up outside Agape Farm retreat, I almost immediately felt the tension leave my body, surrounded by hundreds of beautiful, tall sunflowers, organic gardens, apple trees, goji berries, cherries and lots of grape vines! We were able to pick fresh fruits right from the trees and they tasted so sweet and amazingly full of nutrition.

Nancy and her son Nick were the most amazing hosts. They thought of everything to make their guests visit very welcoming and relaxing. There was something really special about the energy there, and it sure felt more like a healing sanctuary. Nancy suggested we sit barefoot under the two very large trees at the front of the house. WOW! Those trees felt like a major rejuvenation, we felt so relaxed, pain free and in the moment. With all the beautiful nature surrounding us the healing energy felt wonderful. …

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Susan Gray Adams

This is the place to stay in Paonia. The owner has put her heart and soul into every detail of the home and grounds. Her hospitality and cooking is amazing. We stayed in the upstairs suite that is surrounded by trees and will always think of it as our “nest”. Every window gives you a view of the surrounding mountains. All of the gardens and small forest on the property are wonderful places to rest. Our stay here soothed our souls. We will definitely be returning guests

Holly Peters

I had an amazing stay at Agape! One of the best stays I’ve ever had. The property is gorgeous and provides the perfect space for whatever you need. I will be making it back as soon as I can!

Alex Smith

What a pleasant stay! The room, the food, the hostess, the farm, all the beautiful outdoor living spaces — a lovely way to recuperate, regenerate, and re energize for our everyday lives.

William Collins